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Shannon One Design

With such a memorable centenary year only just past, together we welcome the first season of the next 100 years of Shannon One Design sailing. Although it will be difficult to match the two extraordinary centenary weekend regattas that took place in Lough Derg & Lough Ree Yacht Clubs during the month of July, the usual hectic calendar will provide plenty of opportunities to maintain the momentum and large fleet numbers witnessed in 2022.

Upcoming Events
North Shannon Regatta September 2 - September 3, Lanesborough Co Roscommon Ireland
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The Shannon One Design is a wooden, clinker-built, eighteen-foot (5.49m) racing dinghy, propelled by a single gunter-rigged mainsail of 140 square feet (15.6 sq.m). The boat has a relatively narrow beam of 4 feet 10.5 inches (1.5m), and draws 4 feet (1.23m) with her centreboard down.

With a large sail and comparatively narrow beam, a Shannon One Design is a lively performer, especially in a fresh breeze, and requires a three-person crew for normal sailing.

There has long been a strong boat-building tradition on Loughs Derg and Ree, and almost all Shannon One Designs have come from the yards of skilled local craftsmen.

The boats are unique to the river Shannon and are actively raced in both Lough Ree Yacht Club (pictured left) and in Lough Derg Yacht Club. (Links to Yacht Club websites at the bottom of this page).

Shannon sailing attracts a wide range of sailors from far and wide, not simply limited to Shannon riverside dwellers. At the two main events each year, the week-long regattas at Ballyglass on Lough Ree and Dromineer on Lough Derg, up to 55 SODs have been counted. These will be sailed by a mixture of local sailors and others based in Dublin or elsewhere (as far away as the USA), most of whom return year on year to compete.

Above all, the Shannon One Design class is a lot of fun, in which conviviality, wit, character and friendship are on a par with the high quality of the racing. Individual boats seem to develop their own idiosyncrasies to complement the eccentricities of those privileged to sail them. There is a strong and growing presence of young people alongside the older sailors, and new boats are joining the fleet every season.


Club of the Year 2022

The Shannon One Design Association and Lough Ree Yacht Club have been awarded the prestigious ‘Club of the Year Award’, by the ISA. We are very proud to receive this award. See more details on this link.